№14 Nikola Filipov Str., Hc. "Raikovo",
Smolyan 4701, Bulgaria

Ph.: + 359 301 6 75 00, 01, Cell: +359 885 433 838
Fax: + 359 301 6 75 08



Eco Hotel and SPA & Fitness centre MAKRELOV*** is opened since 1993 and is the first private family hotel in The Rhodopa’s Mountain. During the years it approved itself as preferred place for recreation, business meetings and friendly gatherings. In 1997 we opened the first restaurant with outdoor garden in Smolyan.

The building of the extension of Eco Hotel and SPA & Fitness centre MAKRELOV*** is finished in 2006. The project is accomplished with the assistance of SAPARD program and today the hotel is a modern complex with all contemporary facilities, satisfying the requirements of modern tourist and businessman.

The hotel is the first and the only one for now in Smolyan, built exclusively with energy efficient and energy saving materials and systems. We own Energy Efficiency Certificate class “A”, which puts us among the pioneers in using now-a-day technologies for reducing energy consumption and protecting the environment in Bulgaria. If you are an eco oriented person and you choose an accommodation in Smolyan, your most appropriate choice should be Eco Hotel and SPA & Fitness centre MAKRELOV*** - together we can create more ecological, more comfortable and safer world where our children can grow healthy and energetic.



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