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DiCaptcha is highly customizable captcha. Let the clients in and get the bots out! Great design, multilingual image and audio support. Dictionary, random letters and equation mode. Easy to integrate.

The single word which can describes DiCaptcha best is "One!"

No need of any additional libraries as JQuery, just a bit of pure Javascript with a lot of PHP ;o)

Browser support

Browser Windows Linux iOS
Internet Explorer 5.0+
Chrome All versions All versions
Firefox All versions All versions 1.5+
Safari All versions 1.3+
Opera 9.10+ 9.10+
Netscape 8.0+ 8.0+

* DiCaptchas audio support is not fully tested on browsers not supporting HTML5. Compatibility is reported as declared by soundmanager 2 developers.


This is a DiCaptcha demo. Service is not provided yet.

The dictionaries of all language except the english one are generated using automatic translation. Any support for current dictionaries verification or help adding new ones will be highly appreciated.

Image captcha implements high efficiency algotithms to acheive best customizability and performance.

Audio captcha is based on proprietary audio engine. Audio generation is speed delivery optimized.

DiCaptcha follows best practices for web developing and content delivering.

Come on!!! Be my constructive critic and help me to improve it! If you have any ideas or advices, please contact me on support@dicaptcha.com.

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I'm Diana Shtilianova, you can write me at diana@shtilianova.com or just see my thoughts and .